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CAROC Annual Banquet

We had an excellent turnout for our banquet on Saturday January 24th. It brings out the regulars but more enjoyably, it brings out those who don’t have the time to come out on Thursday nights. A special thanks goes out to Tony, Dianna and the Pescatore Palace for finding and providing a great venue and menu. And to all those who reached out to our suppliers for some terrific door prizes, another grand thank you.
The wine flowed and the food, from appetizers to dessert, never ended. Of course we had our special awards.

The Nuvolari Award, named after legendary ALFA driver Tazio Nuvolari is presented to the member advancing the marque while demonstrating great competitive agility. This year the award went to George Mikhail. George’s never ending enthusiasm for ALFA and challenging himself, make him the ideal recipient of this award. Every year he races more and improves each and every time. Congratulations George.

Go for Broke
The “Go For Broke Award” presented to the member who does the most to voluntarily impoverish himself in the pursuit of driving excellence went to a deserving Don Brubaker. While in pursuit of a new world record for the New Glarus Hill climb last May, Don had an unfortunate encounter with some unyielding deciduous material spouting out of the ground next to the roadway. Regrettably, the deciduous material failed to yield to the extent Don’s quarter panel and undercarriage did. Score: tree 1 Brubaker -0- . Mike Besic crafted the perfect presentation and award for Don’s automotive heroism: a fine plaque sporting a wonderful piece of tree bark complete with paint to match Don’s GTV.
Once returned, I’m sure the car will be better than new but I suspect Don may hold off applying for this award anytime soon.

Alfisti of the Year
The Alfisti of the year award went to one of the most deserving long time, consistent participants I can think of, Barb Carroll. Barb was one of the first people I met when I joined some years ago. She currently serves as our Treasurer and has never declined a request to take on a new task. She managed our convention registration in 2008 and continues to be instrumental in keeping our registration process organized for our track events. Recently she has orchestrated our August picnic/pig roast which has become one of our most attended events. Barb comes early and stays late. She is eternally enthusiastic about advancing the marque and, of course, drives a spectacular black Spider.
Well deserved, and an enthusiastic thank you, Barb.

Long time racer, writer, Alfisti, Burt Levy also joined the fun and brought his array “Last Open Road” stuff. His door prizes were equally abundant. This year he conducted a raffle where he “raffled off” opportunities for his upcoming book, hopefully to be release in time for the BRIC in July.

Board members remain substantially the same as last year.
President: Vice President: Treasurer: Secretary:
Dennis Sbertoli Sandy Ganun Barb Carroll Marco Battistoni
We welcomed back to the Board, Gregg Dezutti who replaced long serving Robert Clauss. Robert is not leaving us and will, no doubt be around as much as before along with his equally dedicated wife, Becky.
Other Board members returning are: Chip Van Sant, George Mikhail, Dave Johnson, and of course our past president and consigliere Tony Cavaliere.

Many thanks also to suppliers who contributed door prizes. My apologies if I missed anybody.
International Auto Parts, Centerline Auto Parts, Besic Motorsports, Motorsport Collector Burt Levy and CAROC.
I encourage everybody to patronize our supporters, they surely support us.

Please come to our may other events throughout the year. Check our
Events calendar for updates and details.