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Prez says...
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dennis Sbertoli and I am your new president. I am married (Patti), live in La Grange Park, have two adult kids, (Lynn & Dennis) and three Spiders (84, 89 & 91). Not to omit, one Husky (Cody) and one Golden Retriever (Bailey). I’ve been a club member since about 1996 and have served in various capacities over the years.

I have always been something of a gearhead but developed an interest in ALFA Romeo in early 1984. I bought my first Spider in June 1984 and say, proudly, that I still own and drive it, some 176,000 miles later. In shopping for a sports car back then I considered the logical alternatives. I naturally considered Corvette, Porsche 944 and what was then the Nissan 280 Z. I’m not sure if it was Datsun or Nissan then, but who cares now. Part of my decision focused on the fact that there were Vettes, Porsches and Nissans everywhere. I have certainly no disdain for the other three but I wanted something that would stand out. Something not everybody would recognize. Now, going on 30 years later, I remain pleased with my decision.

The cars still draw attention and get the “what is that” “how old is that” “is that Italian” comments at stop lights. I’m always happy to oblige and extend the car’s life story. For the most part, I am “hands on” and like to get my hands dirty. There is no better feeling that completing that major job, turning the key and having the car ACTUALLY START. I will admit however, that there have been those occasions where I needed to resort to the superior knowledge and skill of Mike Besic.

One of my objectives, as president, will be to get more members up and involved in our activities. We do some enjoyable stuff and have a good group of people involved. Our picnic in August and banquet in winter have always been stand- out events and attract the most members. Our track event at Blackhawk has always been great as well as some of the car shows in which we participate. These have always been spectacular days to just hang out and talk car stuff or any other stuff, for that matter. I encourage everybody to check our calendar and, come out and hang out for a day.

Special events do come up on the calendar as well, such as Go Kart Night, Outdoor Movie night. If you’ve never come out, now’s the time. Please come out and join the party. If you have a thought for an outing drop me a note.

Road America?

The thing that always comes up when discussing possible club activities with members is Road America, and the club’s previous events there. Well, we have the chance to book our traditional first weekend of October date for next year, for the first time in a long time.
What do you think? To pull it off would require a dedicated effort by a good number of members to plan and staff the event, as well as a very large turnout of participants for timed lapping and touring.
Are you willing to help out? Are you interested in running a car that weekend? Do you think it’s a good idea, or too risky a proposition? We’d have to bet the Treasury, literally, to do this. Do it well, and we could rebuild our financial standing, as well as have a great time. We have to decide quickly - let us know what you think. Call Tony or I, or any one on the Board, with your thoughts.
Tony Cavaliere # 847-687-5836
Robert Clauss # 847-712-1040

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